Variable Fan & Coils (CLIFC) units provide comfort, energy savings, constant humidification, and quiet operation.

The operating logic adjusts precisely and in real-time the speed of the equipment according to demand, thus consuming only the absolutely necessary energy at all times.

The operating design consistently and efficiently removes humidity from the environment, providing a better sense of comfort and preserving the interiors and finishes of the space.

Comfort Flex’s variable Fan & Coil units provide a quiet, pleasant comfort experience with a return on investment while protecting the environment in which they are installed.

Standard Configuration

  • Capacities from 400 to 1,000 CFM
  • Available in 4 rows cooling only
  • Variable centrifugal fan (EC motor)
  • Voltage 120/1/60
  • Thermostat cable length 16 ft.
  • 2 or 3-way valve with modulating actuator included
  • Auxiliary condensate tray
  • VLD digital smart thermostat
  • Plenum
  • Disposable fiberglass filter
  • Easy access to fan and coil, for maintenance
  • BACnet connection
  • Injection temperature sensor

Aditional Configurations

  • 3 cooling rows with 1 heating row
  • Microset (touch screen thermostat) with VLC communication card


400 - 600 CFM800 - 1,000 CFM
Width50.519 7/8”6124”
Length50.519 7/8”6124”
Height209.282 3/8”209.282 3/8”