ETL Certification

The Wallpack series is designed to cover robustness cooling needs at a low cost and high performance. The Wallpack provides significant energy savings in applications such as mobile telephony, electrical rooms, classrooms, and shipping containers.

Wallpack units can be easily installed, configured, monitored, and maintained in a simple way.

For its benefits and characteristics, in combination with reliable components and top-quality materials, this is the perfect equipment for your direct expansion cooling needs.

The Wallpack is designed to meet the needs of any project for telecommunications networks, data centers, laboratories, commercial and industrial use.

The operation of the Wallpack includes an option to modulate capacity according to required demand and therefore reach the desired temperatures of precisely, quickly, and with energy-efficient consumption.

Wallpack units can work in 1 + 1 configuration, that is, one unit in operation and another one on standby, providing thus safety and redundancy at a lesser cost.

Standard Configuration

  • Wall-mounted DX Package
  • Capacities of 2, 3, 4, and 5 Tons.
  • R-410A refrigerant
  • Anti vandalism design
  • Baked paint ISO-9227 (1,500-hour test salt spray)
  • Pressure switches for low and high pressure
  • Disposable air filter
  • Upper or lower discharge
  • Fixed compressor type
  • Left or right connection side
  • Voltage 208-230 / 3/60
  • Wall thermostat control
  • Constant evaporator fan, efficient standard, centrifugal
  • Constant condenser fan, motor efficiency standard, axial
  • Cabinet paint saline protection 1,500 hrs.
  • Grille, double injection deflection, fixed return
  • Outside air intake
  • Al / Al microchannel condenser
  • Cooling Only Operation

Optional Configurations

  • Available in 2-stage, variable and digital compressors
  • EC-Fan evaporator fan, high-speed motor efficiency
  • High-efficiency condenser fan and EC Fan high-efficiency motor
  • Microchiller / Modbus RTU / Bacnet controller
  • pCO and pGD Touch / Modbus RTU / Bacnet controller
  • Fixed damper
  • Free cooling with motorized actuator
  • Heat Pump Operation
  • Cu / Al capacitor
  • Electric heating
  • Anti-corrosive protection in the condenser, evaporator and/or all equipment (except electrical parts)
  • Voltage 440/3/60 or 220/1/60
  • Connection to TCP / IP networks (local area network, Internet)


2 Tons. / 3 Tons.3 Tons. / 4 Tons. / 5 Tons.
Width87.6334 1/2"108.5842 3/4"
Length44.7517 5/8"62.2324 1/2"
Height176.5369 1/2"213.0383 7/8"